Best Streaming Devices for Hulu

Hulu has become a popular streaming alternative for cord-cutters and viewers that require a mobile television solution. There are several different ways to stream Hulu. Here are some of the best.

Apple TV is one device that does a remarkable job in offering a way to stream Hulu. As far as streaming devices go, the “little box that could” offers one of the most user-friendly ways to view Hulu. The compatibility with Airplay can also allow the viewer to cast directly from their iPhone to the bigscreen without missing a beat. This benefits a commuter that may have been watching their favorite television show on the subway, comes home and wants to pick up where they left off without having to open the app on the actual Apple TV, then fast forward to where they were at the time they returned home. For the many benefits it offers, the Apple TV must be considered a contender for the best way to stream Hulu.

A viable solution for Android users to stream Hulu exists with the Google Chromecast. A non-intrusive streaming stick that plugs in to the HDMI port on the back of a user’s television, the Chromecast has enjoyed increasing popularity since its launch date in 2013. The main difference between the Chromecast and any other streaming box is that it does not contain native apps; everything is run completely from another device (whether it be from a telephone, tablet, or desktop computer). Installation is easy, the user plugs the device in, goes to a web address, and follows instructions. Once up and running, the Chromecast can then be used to stream Hulu simply by going to the app, choosing the cast option (in the upper right-hand corner of the screen), then choosing the program they desire to view. Like the Apple TV, it allows content to be viewed in HD. The Chromecast Ultra (retailing at $69.00) allows for 4K viewing. A cheaper options exists with the Chromecast 2 ($35.00) but does not allow for streams in 4K.

For Android users that prefer to use a set-top box, the NVIDIA Shield TV is a high-powered option that -while pricier than a Chromecast-delivers the goods in a spectacular fashion. Equipped with 4K out of the box, it will deliver a quality picture along with a boatload of other options. It is equipped with a Tegra X1 Processor, which they claim is the most advanced mobile processor that NVIDIA has ever built. This allows the user for a smooth, quality viewing experience. For users that prefer to game, the Shield also allows a streaming option for a user’s PC right to their television. There are two options available for the Shield TV. The stock ($199.99) option includes 32GB of storage, while the Shield Pro delivers 500GB for $100 more. 

For Sony and Microsoft gamers, a fantastic option to stream Hulu exists within their console. Starting with the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, respectively, Hulu compatibility was offered. For many that enjoy video games, this became an extremely viable and cheap solution for those that had already purchased the consoles. The PS3 and Xbox 360 offered viewing in HD, and with the new generation of consoles, 4K viewing will also soon become an option. Once installed, the easy-to-use user interface is controlled using the gamepad. There are several different price points for each console. The Playstation 3, 4, and Pro all come with Hulu compatibility. The Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox One S do as well. 
With cord-cutting increasing in popularity and more people becoming connected with mobile devices, the many ways to stream Hulu will only increase in the future. Also, the video quality constantly improving, users are getting just as good of quality as if they had a dedicated cable connection to their television sets. Of course, all of these solutions are not viable unless the user has a subscription to the service.