E-Commerce Preparation

eCommerce PreparationProduct information could well be the single most important aspect of any e-commerce website. Without the ability to touch, hold, smell, taste or otherwise handle the products they are interested in, potential customers have only images to interact with. Ultimately, the softer, tastier, flashier and more attractive your product images look to shoppers, the more confident they’ll feel about purchasing from you and the better your conversion rate will be. So for a vendor/supplier, it’s a matter of utmost importance to prepare your products to sell on multi channel portals.

YFS India provides a service where we help vendors to prepare their product for e-commerce listing. Generally e-commerce portals ask their vendors for product images and product details. We have our own setup to help prepare your products. Our services include

Product Photography :- We use professional photographers and models to have products shot from different angles comprising both model and mannequin shot.

Content Management :- Apart from the images, we also help vendors walk through getting their product content, details, and specification. We possess the know how to provide explicit, accurate and customized detailing for different products.

Packaging :- YFS will provide suitable packaging solutions to all types of products. We provide customized packaging materials as per product’s requirement.

e-commercepreparation - Diagram

As a customer, he/she never gets to physically see the product, so putting as much information as possible becomes a very critical aspect to do business online. It not only gives customers the required information that they seek, it also does a whole lot of good to the visual merchandising.

So what are you waiting for? Call up YFS today and get your products listed on shopping portals through our content management services at affordable cost.