Inventory Management

Inventory Management1One of the most important aspects of any business is inventory management and its analytics. Those who is carrying large inventory in business can understand the importance of efficient inventory management.

Business even knows that if you don’t have control of your inventory, you will be unable to ascertain whether you have enough inventories on hand to handle the needs of your customers.  It will also increase the probability of errors and mismanagement.

Without inventory management it would be difficult for any company to maintain control and be able to handle the needs of their customers. You need to know where your inventory is and where it’s going.  Unless you can meet the needs of your customers you will soon lose all of them to competitors who are able to meet their requirements.

At YFS India, we come up with Inventory Management solutions, where we take over the responsibility of storing and managing the inventory at our safe and secure warehouse.  We properly stack and undertake to ship stocks to different shipping address through our liable shipping partners. Software that we use has automated interface which helps you to keep track of inbound, outbound and in house inventory.

With YFS India Inventory Management and Fulfillment Services you can:

  • Place orders
  • Monitor available quantities
  • Track status of orders
  • Receive up-to-date inventory reports

inventory-management - Diagram

While inventory management has always been important, it has become more important over the past few years. As the needs of companies increase, they must in turn increase demands on their suppliers. In order for suppliers to have the goods their customers need, it is necessary for them to maintain excellent and accurate inventory management.

Benefits of using YFS over native process:

  • Internal time and cost savings
  • Eliminate the need for internal inventory management
  • Fixed pricing
  • Guaranteed supply
  • Consistent quality
  • Centralized ordering