Why YFS India?

Our enterprise logistics platform will help lower your cost, increase market size, grow your sales, and deliver a great experience for your sales partners and customers.

Lot of companies make order fulfillment complex with increasing number of orders, storage requirements, inventory management, return processing and poor customer services. Through a detailed research YFS India has found out that none of the prevailing business models is successful and there is a need of changing a scenario with introduction of a revolutionized way out for both eCommerce portals and their vendors.

Reduce Time & Cost:

Our systems and processes are capable to process order faster at lowest possible cost. YFS India has nullified the drawbacks of drop shipping in India with its revolutionary concept which will not only reduce time and cost of vendors but also of e-tailers. Use YFS India’s backend system to manage your inventory and easily make products available through its pick, pack and shipping services.

Increase Sales:

We help vendors to easily connect with different sales opportunities like ecommerce. There are various market places which are untapped for small vendors. We connect those vendors to potential e-tailers and provide product preparation, pick, pack and shipping services. Selling goods on multiple eCommerce portals will increase your sales 3 times a year.

Expand PAN India:

We have shipping and storage partners in all majors’ states which helps you to reach your customer faster at lower cost. As we manage your inventory with systematic process, there will be no delays in the shipment and no error with choosing the correct product to be shipped.

Improve Operations:

Our automated systems will help to scale your business with zero errors. We have created an interface through which manufacturers and the e-tailers both have access over the inventory data. Whenever inventory gets sold on portal, it will get updated in the interface. Similarly when new products will get added, the e-tailer will have update through interface. We generate monthly sales report to keep a track on the profitability of the brand.

At YFS, we do not charge any setup, integration, storage or any hidden fee as of now. So you can away try us without any hesitation. All you have to do is to provide us inventory and we help you excel the sales and order processing.

Only pay us when order is processed!